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About Michael

When he was in the third grade at East Alton Elementary School, Michael Ringering selected Miriam E. Mason’s Broomtail for a class-assigned book report, and from that moment on, set sights on wanting to write short stories and other works of fiction.

Michael published his first novel, Six Bits, in December 2011, earning finalist designation in the 2012 USA Best Book Awards for Fiction. Since then, Michael has published four short stories: Willy the Whale (2017), A Face on a Train (2017), A Calico Tale (2018), and The 9:15 to Grand Central (2019), and completed his second novel, A Debt of War, in January 2020. He’s currently working on his third novel, a trilogy concept based on a childhood memory, and other short stories.

Michael was born in Alton, IL, and raised in nearby East Alton, where he graduated from East Alton-Wood River High School in 1984. He’s a 1989 graduate of Murray State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Following a 14-year career working in media relations and communications in Major League Baseball, he entered the healthcare industry where he serves as a practice administrator.

Michael resides in Southern Illinois with his six dogs, Gracie, Lucy, Peetie, Big Dog, Macy, and Victoria, three goats, Macey, Abby and Annie, and two horses, Lilly and Sophie.

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